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Giraffes Have Been Misunderstood and Are Just as Socially Complex as Elephants, Study Says
Verizon Enlists AI in 5G Network Build-out
Apple Plans To Scan US iPhones for Child Abuse Imagery
Biden Wants Half of New Cars Sold in 2030 To Be Hybrid or All-Electric
Fed Governor Waller 'Highly Skeptical' of a Fed Digital Coin
Qualcomm Tries To Outbid Magna For Veoneer
US Taps Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Others To Help Fight Ransomware, Cyber Threats
The Slow Collapse of Amazon's Drone Delivery Dream
Spanish Engineers Extract Drinking Water From Thin Air
Netflix Announces SpaceX Documentary On Civilian Mission Into Orbit
The State Department and 3 Other US Agencies Earn a D For Cybersecurity
Senate Democrats To Introduce Legislation That Would Tax Energy Companies Responsible For Major Greenhouse Gas Emissions
The IRS Has Seized $1.2 Billion Worth of Cryptocurrency This Fiscal Year
NYT Crossword Puzzle No Longer Works In Third-Party Apps
Firefox Lost Almost 50 Million Users In 3 Years
Slashdot - science:
Giraffes Have Been Misunderstood and Are Just as Socially Complex as Elephants, Study Says
Head of UN Health Agency Seeks Vaccine Booster Moratorium
Retracted COVID Paper Lives on in New Citations
Australian Mathematician Discovers Applied Geometry Engraved on 3,700-year-old Tablet
'Totally New' Idea Suggests Longer Days On Early Earth Set Stage For Complex Life
NYC Will Require Vaccines For Entry To Restaurants and Gyms; Requirement Can Be Met With An App
Boeing Scrubs Launch of Starliner Crew Capsule To Space Station
A Magnetic Helmet Shrunk a Deadly Tumor In World-First Test
A Plant That 'Cannot Die' Reveals Its Genetic Secrets
To Fight Vaccine Misinformation, US Recruits an 'Influencer Army'
Hundreds of AI Tools Were Built to Catch Covid. None of Them Helped
2 Red Objects Found In the Asteroid Belt. They Shouldn't Be There.
YouTube Bans Sky News Australia for One Week Over Misinformation
UK Pharmaceutical Firm Fined For Hiking Drug Price 6,000%
Nobel Winner Steven Weinberg, Who Unified Two of Physics' Fundamental Forces, Has Died
The Rise of Never-Ending Job Interviews
Hawaiian Electric to Pay Customers for Adding Battery Storage to Rooftop Solar
These Foldable Houses Cost $50k and Go Up in a Day
FDA Aiming to Give Final Approval to Pfizer Vaccine by Early Next Month
Amazon Unlawfully Confiscated Union Literature, NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) Finds
Australian Court Rules an AI Can be Considered an Inventor on Patent Filings
Wild U.S. Deer Found With Coronavirus Antibodies
Microsoft Deletes All Comments Under Heavily Criticized Windows 11 Upgrade Video
Every Car Made After 2027 May Have Drunk Driving Monitoring System
Scientists Launching Blob the Slime Mold Into Space
Laser Pincers Generate Antimatter by Recreating Neutron Star Conditions
A Sand Shortage? the World is Running Out of a Crucial Commodity
Antibiotics in Early Life Could Lead to Brain Disorders
Awful Transaction and Timing: AT&T Finally Ditches DirecTV
In Heat Emergency, Southern Europe Scrambles for Resources
What to Know About the Newly-Discovered Tetraquark at the Large Hadron Collider
New Water Desalination Device Runs on Solar Energy and is 280%-400% More Efficient
Chinese News Outlet Calls Video Games "Spiritual Opium", Sparking Fears of Regulatory Crackdown
X-rays Observed from Behind a Black Hole
Intel Executive Leaks Existence of 80 Gbps Thunderbolt 5
Hacker News:
Mozilla Common Voice Adds 16 New Languages and 4,600 New Hours of Speech
Personal Computing on an Amiga in 2021
Kid Pix as a JavaScript App
Launch YC S21: Meet the Batch, Thread #4
Macaques at Japan reserve get first alpha female in 70-year history
Airyx OS
'They couldn't take it anymore': Hospital exec says employees are walking off
On academic writing: a personal note (2016)
The insides of pro bowling balls will make your head spin
Redwood World – Pictures and Locations of Redwoods in the British Isles
Whatnot (YC W20) Is Hiring Engineers (Generalist, iOS, Android, DevOps)
The human ear detects half a millisecond delay in sound
End-to-End Encryption through Kafka
Memories of Weird Memories, of Computers Past
Apple enabling client-side CSAM scanning on iPhone tomorrow
System on SO-DIMM
Six hundred and forty pages in 15 months
Facebook executive helped Cuomo smear sex-harassment accuser: AG report
Contemporary COBOL: Developers' Perspectives on Defects and Defect Location
Wealthy people are renouncing American citizenship
Science daily:
Ocean world: Rocky exoplanet has just half the mass of Venus
Researchers track how microbiome bacteria adapt to humans via transmission
Reducing antibiotic use in primary care may be insufficient alone to curtail antimicrobial resistance
Powering navigational buoys with help of ocean waves
Driving lessons: Study finds road safety campaigns tied to fewer traffic-deaths
Muscle protein that makes vertebrates more fit linked to limited lifespan
'Where does it hurt?' predicts chronic pain outcomes, study shows
Study identifies DNA signatures linked to heart disease
Common weight-loss drug successfully targets fat that can endanger heart health
Long COVID uncommon in children, analysis finds
'Triple contagion': How fears influence coronavirus transmission
Towards next-gen computers: Mimicking brain functions with graphene-diamond junctions
Study reveals what triggers lung damage during COVID-19
Promoting biodiversity-friendly landscapes - beyond organic farming
Crawling important step in development of risk perception
Visualizing stress in plastics
The waste product which could help mitigate climate change
Physical activity jolts brain into action in the event of depression
Eating more plant foods may lower heart disease risk in young adults, older women
Lava lamp tectonics: Research suggests giant blobs of subducted sediment float up through deep Earth
PhysOrg news:
First nationwide ultrafine particle study paves the way for understanding health effects
Surprising insights into the world's farthest-migrating species
Sticky toes unlock life in the trees
Toxin sponges may protect poisonous frogs and birds from their own poisons, study suggests
China restarts coal mines to meet surging power demand
Tackling plastic pollution: Top tips from marine scientists
Polymer coating accelerates fuel production
Joining topological insulators with magnetic materials for energy-efficient electronics
Detailed look at earliest moments of supernova explosion
Unparalleled bounty of oscillating red giant stars detected
New mathematical model to predict precipitation changes
A universal intercalation strategy for high-stable perovskite photovoltaics
Memory of neuronal mitochondrial stress being passed on to their descendants
Sexism and sport: why body-baring team uniforms are bad for girls and women
Ultra-thin, gas-tight coatings for PET bottles
Invasive weed could fuel malaria transmission
Long-term ingestion of microplastic harms growth and reproduction in fish
New research shows racism during COVID is rarely reported
Satellites reveal how forests increase cloud and cool climate
Battle-hardened fund managers produce higher returns during times of recession