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Astronomers Spot First Possible Exoplanet Outside Our Galaxy
Tech's Message To the Hill: We're Not Facebook
Facebook Says It's Refocusing Company on 'Serving Young Adults'
Biden Appoints Jessica Rosenworcel To Officially Lead the FCC
Amazon Joins Race for Quantum Computer With New Caltech Center
Amazon is Building a Clubhouse Competitor That Turns Hosts Into DJs
AnandTech Reviews Apple's M1 Pro and M1 Max Chips
Amazon Brings Alexa To Hospitals and Senior Living Centers
China To Cut Fossil Fuel Use To Below 20% By 2060
Facebook Is Spending At Least $10 Billion This Year On Its Metaverse Division
Your Brain Uses 'Autocorrect' To Decipher Language and AI Just Helped Us Prove It, New Study Says
Greenhouse Gas Levels Hit a New High In 2020, Even With Pandemic Lockdowns
Argon Fluoride Laser Could Lead To Practical Fusion Reactors
Indie Dev Finds That Linux Users Generate More, Better Bug Reports
CPU Benchmarks: Pre-Release Intel Alder Lake Chip Beats Apple's M1 Max
Slashdot - science:
Astronomers Spot First Possible Exoplanet Outside Our Galaxy
Amazon Brings Alexa To Hospitals and Senior Living Centers
Your Brain Uses 'Autocorrect' To Decipher Language and AI Just Helped Us Prove It, New Study Says
An Ultra-Precise Clock Shows How To Link the Quantum World With Gravity
Astronomers Find Nascent Exploding Star, 'Rosetta Stone' of All Supernovas
Hear Sounds From Mars Captured By NASA's Perseverance Rover
A Math Teacher is Putting Calculus Lessons on Pornhub
Memes About COVID-19 Helped Us Cope With Life in a Pandemic, a New Study Finds
India Crosses the Milestone of 1 Billion COVID-19 Vaccinations
Meet Starlab: Private Space Station Planned To Fly In 2027
Steak Knife Made From Hardened Wood Is Three Times Sharper Than Steel
VR Treatment For Lazy Eye In Children Gets FDA Approval
Fossil Fuel Drilling Plans Undermine Climate Pledges, UN Report Warns
WHO Asks South African Startup To Replicate Moderna's mRNA Vaccine
FDA Approves Mixing COVID Vaccines
AMD Aims to Increase Energy Efficiency of Epyc CPUs and Instinct AI Accelerators 30x by 2025
Researchers Use Starlink Satellites to Pinpoint Location, Similar to GPS
Russia Arrests Cybersecurity Expert on Treason Charge
Physicists May Have Cracked the Case of “Zen” Stones Balanced on Ice Pedestals
Amazon’s Indoor Camera Drone is Ready to fly Around Your House
Should Information Flows Be Controlled By The Internet Plumbers ?
Great Ape's Consonant and Vowel-Like Sounds Travel Over Distance Without Losing Meaning
Quantum Computing Hits the Desktop, No Cryo-Cooling Required
70% of Millennials are Living Paycheck to Paycheck: Survey
Amazon’s Astro Robot is Straight Out of the Jetsons
We’re About to Run Out of Atlantic Hurricane Names
CIA Developed Plans to Kidnap or Kill Julian Assange, Per Report
"Chilling": Facial Recognition Firm Clearview AI Hits Watchdog Groups with Subpoenas
Hubble Telescope Helps Find Six 'Dead' Galaxies From the Early Universe
Tesla Owners Can Now Request ‘Full Self-Driving’, Prompting Criticism From Regulators and Safety Adv
A Pill to Treat Covid-19: "We're Talking About a Return to, Maybe, Normal Life"
scp Will Be Replaced With sftp Soon
‘Babylon 5’ Reboot in the Works at The CW
Blazing Fast PCIe 5.0 SSD Prototype Hits Sequential Read Speeds of 14,000 MB/s
AIMS Plays Frying Bacon Sounds to Fish in Bid to Save Australia's Coral Reefs
Hacker News:
Rust on Espressif chips – 18-10-2021
Plans to shift aviation from magnetic navigation to true navigation
Element One – All of Matrix, WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram in One Place
Facing sky-high connection fees, rural Ontarians go off the grid
Uranium Glass
A bug that doesn’t exist on x86: Exploiting an ARM-only race condition
Offline-First Database Comparison
Ask Delphi
The Venus’s Flower Basket’s Weird Fluid Dynamics Explained
Apple Is Normalising Surveillance
MagicBell (YC W21) Is Hiring a Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer – Remote
Edward Snowden Slams Sam Altman's Worldcoin: 'Don't Catalogue Eyeballs'
Show HN: CookLang – Recipe Markup Language
A Librarian and a Food Historian Rediscovered the Recipes of Moorish Spain
GitHub stale bot considered harmful
My interview with Steven Levy re. leaking of my Facebook Goodbye post
The danger of hidden functional roles
CRDT resources
Slow Down, Finish Faster
Apple Privacy Rules to Blame for Facebook's Lower Than Expected Quarterly Growth
Science daily:
Nearly 500 ancient ceremonial sites found in southern Mexico
Men, women ride the same emotional roller coaster
Neutron star collisions are 'goldmine' of heavy elements, study finds
That primate’s got rhythm!
Vitamin D deficiency for the first time visible after cremation
Stretchy, bendy, flexible LEDs
Infant planet discovered
Controlling light with a material three atoms thick
A diet of essential amino acids could keep dementia at bay
Stronger than spider silk: Bagworm silk enables strong conducting fibers
Traces of an ancient road in a lake
Need for larger space telescope inspires lightweight flexible holographic lens
Historical analysis finds no precedent for the rate of coal and gas power decline needed to limit climate change to 1.5°C
Electrical control over designer quantum materials
VR experiment with rats offers new insights about how neurons enable learning
Discovery of new tiny fish, lizard species
Carnivores may adjust schedule to avoid each other, researchers find
Fighting viruses with interchangeable defense genes
Researchers map neurons in the brain involved with social interactions with others in groups
Chemists develop a fundamentally new mode of adsorption
PhysOrg news:
Scientists discover phenomenon of ultra-long spin relaxation in 2D van der Waals magnetic materials
The disassembly of organs during metamorphosis is a precise process orchestrated by hormones
Making short-wave infrared light visible with a single component
Dynamical scaling of entanglement entropy and surface roughness in random quantum systems
A cost effective and quick way to find groundwater
Gardening for wildlife enhances bird diversity beyond your own back yard
Hardscrabble plants stake large territory amid toxic soils
Citizen scientists' contributions a boon to snowpack modeling
Carbon nanotube-based sensor can detect SARS-CoV-2 proteins
Between the lines, Morrison's plan has coal on the way out, with the future bright
Carbon accounting madness makes a mockery of the UK's Net Zero plans, says academic
Researchers use mobile tech, forge partnerships to study home literacy efforts
Video: Why net zero (and what is it?)
Researchers report argon fluoride laser fusion research findings
What really makes fish become sexually active
Effect of small polyanions on retroviruses
Historic warships to be raided for missing climate data
Tiny swimming creatures can create big currents in lake water
Molecular biology: Are rapidly proliferating cells epigenetically malleable?
New computer modelling could boost drug discovery