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Google Says Some G Suite User Passwords Were Stored In Plaintext Since 2005
Microsoft Announces Xbox Content Moderation To Cut Back on Toxic Comments
Apple Updates Top-End MacBook Pros With Tweaked Keyboard and Faster Processors
Microsoft Kicks Off the Rollout of the Windows 10 May Update 1903
Self-Driving Trucks Begin Mail Delivery Test For US Postal Service
First Official Version of Tor Browser for Android Released on Play Store
TikTok Maker Set To Take on Spotify With Free New Music Streaming App
Apple Tweaks Its Troubled MacBook Keyboard Design Yet Again, Expands Repair Program
Firefox 67 Arrives With New Performance and Privacy Features, Voice Search Widget on Android
Behind the Naming of ZombieLoad and Other Intel Spectre-Like Flaws
Tim Cook Says His Era Has Failed by Over-Debating Climate Change
Factory Workers Become Coders as Companies Automate
Huawei Considers Rivals To Google's Android After US Ban
Report Finds Some Users Can't Opt Out of Facebook's Face Recognition
The Underground Network of Microbes That Connects Trees Mapped For First Time
Slashdot - science:
Tim Cook Says His Era Has Failed by Over-Debating Climate Change
The Underground Network of Microbes That Connects Trees Mapped For First Time
Google's Lung Cancer Detection AI Outperforms 6 Human Radiologists
Generic Drugs May Not Be As Safe Or Effective As You Think
The Definition of a Kilogram Just Changed Worldwide
Protect Solar System From Mining 'Gold Rush', Say Scientists
American Explorer Completes Deepest Submarine Dive In History
Scientists Invent Light-Activated Bio-Glue That Stops Bleeding In Seconds
China's Rover Reveals Moon's Hidden Depths
US Birthrate Is Lowest In 32 Years, CDC Says
Scientists Create Mind-Controlled Hearing Aid That Allows the Wearer To Focus On Particular Voices
No, Someone Hasn't Cracked the Code of the Mysterious Voynich Manuscript
City Residents Live With Mental Illness At Higher Rates Than General Population
Scientists Create World's First Living Organism With Fully Redesigned DNA
LED Light Can Damage Eyes, Health Authority Warns
Giga-Hurts Radio: Terrorists Build Wi-Fi Bombs to Dodge Cops' Cellphone Jammers
New York Might Fine You for Texting While Crossing the Street
Pluto Has an Underground Ocean Kept Warm by a Layer of Gassy Ice
The Pun-Loving Computer Programs that Write Adverts
After Five-Year Legal Battle, Top Judges Rule that the UK's Spying Activities can be Challenged
Lenovo Stole a Fan's Video to Promote the Foldable Motorola RAZR
DOJ Leans Against Approving T-Mobile's Takeover of Sprint
Chapters of Security Engineering, Third Edition, Begin to Arrive Online for Review
Wind Provided 37 Percent of Ireland's Electricity in Q1 2019
Sad Survey: 60% of Male Managers Are “Uncomfortable” Working Around Women
Decades-Long Research on "Depression Gene" Based on Bad Data
Google Announces $999 Glass Enterprise Edition 2
'Ant Bridge'-Inspired Nanoparticle Assembly Fixes Broken Electrical Circuits
Earliest Evidence of the Cooking and Eating of Starch
Hacktivist Attacks Declined 95 Percent Since 2015: IBM
Radar for Your Wrist
The Way We Define Kilograms, Metres and Seconds Changes Today
Researchers Document Impact of Coffee on Bowels
Google Pulls Huawei’s Android License
Bedbugs Evolved More than 100 Million Years ago - and Walked the Earth with T. Rex
Hacker News:
Physical kilogram is officially dead
Notifying administrators about unhashed password storage
Technical Debt
Free Wolfram Engine for Developers
I don't know how CPUs work so I simulated one in code
Apple introduces 8-core MacBook Pro
A Solution for Loneliness: Get out and volunteer, research suggests
Integrated Circuits Can Be Easy to Understand with the Right Teachers
Foreign Minister Taro Kono to ask media to switch order of Japanese names
CDs Curated by Steve Jobs and the iPod Team (2016)
The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet
A man who is ageing too fast
The Troubled History of Psychiatry
ZetaSQL – A SQL Analyzer Framework from Google
Minimum Viable Phoenix
Fundamentals of Product-Market Fit
The Lavish Roman Banquet: A Calculated Display Of Debauchery And Power
Show HN: Turn an Excel file into a web application
Debugging Firmware with GDB
Getting my personal data out of Facebook
Science daily:
Eastern forests shaped more by Native Americans' burning than climate change
Mathematicians revive abandoned approach to Riemann Hypothesis
Potential breakthrough in understanding tumor dormancy
Developing biosecurity tool to detect genetically engineered organisms in the wild
With a hop, a skip and a jump, high-flying robot leaps through obstacles with ease
Geneticists continue to unravel how genes impact drug use and addiction
Strain enables new applications of 2D materials
Children with cancer wait an average of 6.5 years longer than adults to access new drugs
Dawn-to-sunset fasting suggests potential new treatment for obesity-related conditions
Insulin under the influence of light
Original kilogram replaced -- new International System of Units (SI) entered into force
Predicting properties of composite materials
Discrimination against older people needs attention
How molecular escorts help prevent cancer
New framework improves performance of deep neural networks
After GWAS studies, how to narrow the search for genes?
Cancer: Using 3D to test personalized treatments in five days
Formation of the moon brought water to Earth
Why lack of sleep is bad for your heart
Bring on faster Internet: Device packs more into optical fiber
PhysOrg news:
Chemical engineers develop biosecurity tool to detect genetically engineered organisms in the wild
Researchers create most complete model of complex protein machinery
Ammonium fertilized early life on Earth: study
What makes a place a home?
Eastern forests shaped more by Native Americans' burning than climate change
Strain enables new applications of 2-D materials
Extreme draining of reservoir aids young salmon and eliminates invasive fish
Mathematicians revive abandoned approach to the Riemann Hypothesis
US delay to Huawei ban gives tech sector time to adjust
New study finds distinct microbes living next to corals
Life in evolution's fast lane
Statistical model could predict future disease outbreaks
Solving a scientific mystery and finding a solution for industry
Want to eliminate workplace bias? Watch your rating system, study says
First report of powdery mildew on phasey bean in Florida could spell trouble for papaya
Studies find no yield benefit to higher plant populations
Berkeley lab project to pinpoint methane 'super emitters'
Testifying while black: A linguistic analysis of disparities in court transcription
Fish fences across the tropical seas having large-scale devastating effects
New lidar instruments peer skyward for clues on weather and climate