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Navy Ships Swarmed By Drones, Not UFOs, Defense Officials Confirm
How AI Brought Back Val Kilmer's Voice For 'Top Gun: Maverick'
Palm OS Developer Releases Source To Classic Games, 20+ Years After Release
Can We Generate Renewable Energy by Burning Trash?
NFT Conference Founder Predicts 97% of Current Projects Will Lose Value Through 2024
Can Tech Firms Prevent Violent Videos Circulating on the Internet?
Biggest Targets at Pwn2Own Event: Microsoft's Windows, Teams, and Ubuntu Desktop
Wells Fargo Now Accused of Also Conducting Fake Job Interviews
Is Social Media Training Us to Please a Machine?
Avoiding Sanctions with Cryptocurrency? US Govt Files First Criminal Charges
Mitsubishi Develops Technology for 3D Printing in Outer Space
Why Gov.UK Stopped Using jQuery
How to Write Your Own Games - for the Amiga
Sid & Marty Krofft to Release NFTs Starting with 'Land of the Lost'
How a Rust Supply-Chain Attack Infected Cloud CI Pipelines with Go Malware
Slashdot - science:
Mitsubishi Develops Technology for 3D Printing in Outer Space
Boeing's Starliner Docks with International Space Station. Hatch Opening Now
Is the World's Oldest Tree Growing In a Ravine In Chile?
China Is 3D Printing a Massive 590-Foot-Tall Dam, And Constructing It Without Humans
Ancient Forest Found at Bottom of Huge Sinkhole in China
Two Military Satellites Just Communicated With Each Other Using Space Lasers
Today's Giant Farm Vehicles Threaten 20% of the World's Cropland
Engineers Investigating NASA's Voyager 1 Telemetry Data
Rocket Engine Exhaust Pollution Extends High Into Earth's Atmosphere
Solar-Powered Desalination Device Wins MIT $100K Competition
CDC Expresses Concern About Possibility of Undetected Monkeypox Spread in UK
Who Owns Einstein? The Battle For the World's Most Famous Face
Contact Lens That Can Release Drug Could Be Used To Treat Glaucoma
South Korea Turns To Surveillance As 'Ghost Surgeries' Shake Faith In Hospitals
US Officials Say Pentagon Committed To Understanding UFO Origins
AMD Aims to Increase Energy Efficiency of Epyc CPUs and Instinct AI Accelerators 30x by 2025
Researchers Use Starlink Satellites to Pinpoint Location, Similar to GPS
Russia Arrests Cybersecurity Expert on Treason Charge
Physicists May Have Cracked the Case of “Zen” Stones Balanced on Ice Pedestals
Amazon’s Indoor Camera Drone is Ready to fly Around Your House
Should Information Flows Be Controlled By The Internet Plumbers ?
Great Ape's Consonant and Vowel-Like Sounds Travel Over Distance Without Losing Meaning
Quantum Computing Hits the Desktop, No Cryo-Cooling Required
70% of Millennials are Living Paycheck to Paycheck: Survey
Amazon’s Astro Robot is Straight Out of the Jetsons
We’re About to Run Out of Atlantic Hurricane Names
CIA Developed Plans to Kidnap or Kill Julian Assange, Per Report
"Chilling": Facial Recognition Firm Clearview AI Hits Watchdog Groups with Subpoenas
Hubble Telescope Helps Find Six 'Dead' Galaxies From the Early Universe
Tesla Owners Can Now Request ‘Full Self-Driving’, Prompting Criticism From Regulators and Safety Adv
A Pill to Treat Covid-19: "We're Talking About a Return to, Maybe, Normal Life"
scp Will Be Replaced With sftp Soon
‘Babylon 5’ Reboot in the Works at The CW
Blazing Fast PCIe 5.0 SSD Prototype Hits Sequential Read Speeds of 14,000 MB/s
AIMS Plays Frying Bacon Sounds to Fish in Bid to Save Australia's Coral Reefs
Hacker News:
AI-art isn't art: DALL-E and other AI artists offer only the imitation of art
Image Does Not Exist
How This Ends
When we learn more about a stranger, we feel like they know us better too
Smaller is better (The rise, fall, and rise of flat file software)
SolveSpace – parametric 2d/3D CAD
When Can Liquid Democracy Unveil the Truth? (2021)
Invade Haiti, Wall Street Urged. The U.S. Obliged
How does find by example work in the Pharo Finder
Ask HN: Should Instagram add labels indicating an image used filters?
Flightcontrol (YC W22) Is hiring a back end TypeScript engineer [Own-cloud PaaS]
Adaptive Cards
Tunneling Wikipedia through WhatsApp to (maybe?) get around WiFi restrictions
Book Review: Making Nature
Book review: The Little Typer (2021)
The State of Application Modernization, 2022
Rising temperatures erode human sleep globally
Oblique Strategies
On Efficiently Partitioning a Topic in Apache Kafka
Index funds officially overtake active managers
Science daily:
Poor eyesight unfairly mistaken for brain decline
Hidden distortions trigger promising thermoelectric property
New research pinpoints 'blue corridors' for highly migratory fish
Crystal study may resolve DNA mystery
Methylation of tRNA-derived fragments regulates gene-silencing activity in bladder cancer
More difficult than expected for glaciers to recover from climate warming
Are new carbon sinks appearing in the Arctic?
How do water mold spores swim?
Stopping lung damage before it turns deadly
Drugs showing promise in cancer trials reduce scarring for scleroderma
Researchers identify key factors impacting adaptive therapy
Newly discovered lake may hold secret to Antarctic ice sheet's rise and fall
Ice-capped volcanoes slower to erupt, study finds
Lake Erie quakes triggered by shifting water levels? Study finds no smoking gun, urges further research
Nonlethal parasites reduce how much their wild hosts eat, leading to ecosystem effects
Ultrafast 'camera' captures hidden behavior of potential 'neuromorphic' material
Gene therapy shows promise in treating neuropathy from spinal cord injuries
'Self-driving' microscopes discover shortcuts to new materials
Hypertensive pregnancy disorders linked to future cardiac events
Quantifying cognitive decline in dogs could help humans with Alzheimer's disease
PhysOrg news:
End of the line nears for NASA InSight Mars lander
What are the key climate themes at Davos?
Turtles freed in Tunisia with tracking monitor
Nearly 8,000-year-old skull found in Minnesota River
Breach exposed data of half-million Chicago students, staff
US high schoolers design low-cost filter to remove lead from water
Millions stranded, dozens dead as flooding hits Bangladesh and India
Boeing docks crew capsule to space station in test do-over
Rio's urban gardens produce healthy food for the poor
Long-hypothesized 'next generation wonder material' created for first time
All-optical phase recovery and quantitative phase imaging performed instantly without a computer
Unique quantum material could enable ultra-powerful, compact computers
Where do "Hawaiian box jellies" come from?
Unraveling a perplexing explosive process that occurs throughout the universe
Geothermal drilling successes offer potential gain for petroleum industry
Researchers demonstrate organic crystals can serve as energy converters for emerging technologies
Key Iraq irrigation reservoir close to drying out
Light pollution can disorient monarch butterflies
Are Republicans and Democrats driven by hatred of one another? Less than you think
Scientists explain why meridional heat transport is underestimated