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White House Reportedly Orders Hospitals To Bypass CDC During COVID-19 Data Collection
Verizon Has Turned To Google Cloud's Contact Center AI To Automate Phone Calls
Baby Was Infected With Coronavirus In Womb, Study Reports
Google Steers Users To YouTube Over Rivals
Is It Time To Kill the Penny?
German Court Bans Tesla Ad Statements Related To Autonomous Driving
IBM Job Ad Calls For a Minimum 12 Years' Experience With Kubernetes -- Which is Six Years Old
Trump Administration Rescinds Rule on Foreign Students
Microsoft Warns of a 17-Year-Old 'Wormable' Bug
China Will Sanction Lockheed Martin Over Arms Sales To Taiwan
Biden Announces $2 Trillion Climate Plan
Lenovo and AMD Launch Threadripper Pro CPU To Take on Intel Xeon
Hundreds of Hyperpartisan Sites Are Masquerading as Local News
Israeli Court Rules NSO Group Can Continue Exporting Spyware
Microsoft Adds Support For Custom '+' Email Addresses in Office 365
Slashdot - science:
White House Reportedly Orders Hospitals To Bypass CDC During COVID-19 Data Collection
Baby Was Infected With Coronavirus In Womb, Study Reports
Biden Announces $2 Trillion Climate Plan
Desert Quakes May Have Boosted Chances of 'Big One' Striking California
Scientists Say You Can Cancel the Noise But Keep Your Window Open
Sustainable Engineers At Kenoteq Are Reinventing the Brick
The Math of Social Distancing Is a Lesson in Geometry
A Volunteer Supercomputer Team is Hunting for Covid Clues
Cancer Patient Complains: My Facebook Feed Is Full of 'Alternative Care' Ads
Delays Reported For Possible Covid-Inoculating Plasma Shot
Newly-Discovered Comet Neowise: Now Visible at Dawn and Dusk
Is Our Solar System's Ninth Planet Actually a Primordial Black Hole?
Spintronics Researchers Demonstrate How to Process Magnetic Vortices for Data Storage
Right to Repair Advocates Accuse Medical Device Manufacturers of Profiteering
AI Site Claims Simulated Conversations With Famous Dead Scientists
SIGRed (CVE-2020-1350) Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerability on Microsoft DNS Servers
Microsoft Outlook is Crashing Worldwide With 0xc0000005 Errors, How to Fix
Musk, Obama, Biden, Bezos, Gates-Bitcoin Scam Hits Twitter in Coordinated Blitz
Samsung's 6G White Paper: Available by 2030, 1,000 Gbps Peak Speed, 1 Gbps "User Experienced" Speed
Lego and Nintendo team up for a new NES Lego Kit
JEDEC Releases DDR5 Memory Specification
Cybersex, Erotic Tech and Virtual Intimacy Are on the Rise During COVID-19
New Harvard Vaccine Technique Coats Red Blood Cells in Nanoparticles
AMD Announces Ryzen Threadripper Pro with 8 Memory Channels, Only for Pre-Built Systems
Cambridge Study Finds Apathy, Not Depression, is an Early Sign of Dementia
Grant Imahara, Host of 'MythBusters' and 'White Rabbit Project,' Dies at 49
New Technique to Study Superheavy Elements
China's Newest Carrier Rocket Fails in Debut Mission
Linux Team Approves New Terminology, Bans Terms Like 'Blacklist' and 'Slave'
Microsoft is Dropping PHP Support From Windows
Damaged Human Lungs Can be Repaired by Attaching Them to Pigs, Experiment Shows
NASA Signs Agreement with Japan on Lunar Exploration
Original 'Rosie the Riveter' Makes Masks to Fight COVID-19
Analog Devices Announces Acquisition of Maxim Integrated for $21 Billion
The Long-Lost Computation Dissertation of Unix Pioneer Dennis Ritchie
Hacker News:
Hackers take over prominent Twitter accounts in simultaneous attack
Tech sector job interviews assess anxiety, not software skills: study
Reverse engineering a camera protocol for fun and profit
The GitHub Availability Report – Introducing Swift Service Lifecycle
Twitter internal panel linked to account hijackings
Small Lab Makes Big Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion Tech
Snorkel AI: Putting Data First in ML Development
Pinephone – “Community Edition: PostmarketOS” Linux smartphone
Everything you need to know about OAuth 2.0
Smokers quit in record numbers amid Covid fears
Why Is Glass Rigid? Signs of Its Secret Structure Emerge
Live BTC transactions in Twitter hack
Amazon Interactive Video Service – Add Live Video to Your Apps and Websites
Topology Illustrated (2015)
Sicko Doctors: Suffering and Sadism in 19th-Century America
Researchers generate complete human X chromosome sequence
Scientists Discovered a Gigantic Structure in a Hidden Zone of Space
What's New in Lua 5.4
How SHA-2 works step-by-step (SHA-256)
Science daily:
Does eating fish protect our brains from air pollution?
When should you neuter your dog to avoid health risks?
Single drop of blood could help rapidly detect radiation sickness
'Bystander' Cs meet their match in gene-editing technique
World population likely to shrink after mid-century, forecasting major shifts in global population and economic power
Twisting magnetic fields for extreme plasma compression
High-fat diet with antibiotic use linked to gut inflammation
Molecular 'tails' are secret ingredient for gene activation in humans, yeast, and other organisms
Urban bees: Pollinator diversity and plant interactions in city green spaces
Scientists uncover key process in the manufacture of ribosomes and proteins
Credit-card sized tool provides new insights into how cancer cells invade host tissues
Only a third of pediatricians fully follow guidelines on peanut allergy prevention
Bacteria with a metal diet discovered in dirty glassware
Study first to show tiger sharks' travels and desired hangouts in the Gulf of Mexico
Study of natural gas flaring finds high risks to babies
Early life stress is associated with youth-onset depression for some types of stress but not others
Researchers find three distinct immune responses for sicker COVID-19 patients
In one hour, surface coating inactivates virus that causes COVID-19
Tech to help autonomous vehicles better scan for nearby fast-moving objects
Scientists build high-performing hybrid solar energy converter
PhysOrg news:
When should you neuter your dog to avoid health risks?
Mixed progress highlights support gaps for pupils with English as additional language
Breeding new rice varieties will help farmers in Asia
NASA finds limited water vapor as depression 06E becomes a trough
'Bystander' cytosines meet their match in gene-editing technique
Do campaign finance reforms truly help make elections more competitive?
Invasive hedgehogs and ferrets habituate to and categorize smells
Slow growth the key to long term cold sensing
New evidence challenges Euro-centric narrative of early colonization
Scientists constructed 'DNA droplets' comprising designed DNA nanostructures
Identifying sources of deadly air pollution in the United States
Researchers using ultraviolet lasers make unprecedented measurement of nanomaterials
AI model to forecast complicated large-scale tropical instability waves in Pacific Ocean
New nuclear magnetic resonance method enables monitoring of chemical reactions in metal containers
Cases of black hole mistaken identity
4-foot prehistoric-looking bird seen at Outer Banks lighthouse is on wrong coast, experts say
Researchers develop first of its kind, simple test for identifying toxic silver ions
Exercise in a first-year writing course increases retention at broad-access universities
Marine drifters: Interdisciplinary study explores plankton diversity
Hyksos, 15th Dynasty rulers of Ancient Egypt, were an internal takeover