PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan 'Flew To Brussels' To Voice Concerns To EU Over Xbox's Activision Deal
Tesla Unveils New Dojo Supercomputer So Powerful It Tripped the Power Grid
Meta Ordered To Pay $175 Million For Copying Green Beret Veteran's App
Pentagon Is Far Too Tight With Its Security Bug Bounties
Tumblr Is Never Going Back To Porn
In a First, US Appoints a Diplomat For Plants and Animals
The Era of Fast, Cheap Genome Sequencing Is Here
TikTok Tracks You Across the Web, Even If You Don't Use the App
Intel's Self-Driving Technology Mobileye Unit Files for IPO
Stadia Controllers Could Become E-Waste Unless Google Issues Bluetooth Update
Covert CIA Websites Could Have Been Found By an 'Amateur,' Research Finds
Firefly Launches Alpha Rocket To Orbit
Chernobyl Black Frogs Reveal Evolution In Action
Citrix-Tibco Close $17 Billion Deal, Uniting Virtualization and Enterprise Apps Vendors
Danish Pirate Site Blocking Updated, Telecoms Group Publishes All Domains
Researchers Discover Wreck Of Ship That Tried To Warn The Titanic
New Regulations Will Force Airlines to Refund Air Travelers for Broken Wi-Fi
Bruce Willis Sells Deepfake Rights to His Likeness for Commercial Use
New Hubble and Webb Images Capture Aftermath of DART Asteroid Smash Up
Why Would a Government Invest in Games?
The Web Gains 13 Million Malicious New Domains Per Month
We Interviewed Linux OS Through an AI Bot to Discover its Secrets
MIT Engineers Create Wireless, Battery-Free Underwater Camera
SpaceX May Boost the Hubble Space Telescope With Privately Funded Mission
Major Audacity Update Makes It a Much Better Audio Production Tool
Juno Just Raced by Europa, Providing Our Best Look in 20 Years at the Icy World
How the CIA Failed Iranian Spies in its Secret War With Tehran
What Intel Learned When an Elevator Smashed Into its Supercomputer Chips
Switzerland: Disastrous Melt Rate of Glaciers Recorded
Never-Before-Seen Malware Has Infected Hundreds of Linux, BSD and Windows Devices
Intel and Samsung Show Off "Slidable PC" Concept
Teams of Aerial Drones Might One Day Help to Build Houses
U.S. Copyright Groups Are Concerned About Russia’s Handling of Online Piracy
Alice, The First All-Electric Passenger Airplane, Takes Flight
Edward Snowden Was Granted Russian Citizenship
Hacker News:
Baker's Math
Data Version Control
Recon and Attack Vectors from My Logs
Hyperlinks in Handwriting
Big Problems
LSD-like molecules counter depession without the trip
Race Conditions Can Be Useful for Parallelism
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Capsule: the nano (WASM) functions runner
Eye-tracking is a missing input device for VR experiences
The First RISC: John Cocke and the IBM 801
Tesorio (YC S15) raised a Series B and is hiring various roles
Emacs-like editors written in Common Lisp
Comfy Software: A software aesthetic for hackers with depression
A legal dispute that will test the limits of fair use
“Rust is safe” is not some kind of absolute guarantee of code safety
UnixBench is the original BYTE Unix benchmark suite
The Contrarian: How Sridhar Vembu built Zoho questioning conventional wisdom
Great Works in Programming Languages (2004)
An Algorithm for Polygon Intersections
Super-Recognizers – Scientists Reveal the Mechanism Behind Their Fascinating Superpower
Bad Dental Health Linked to a Greater Risk of Dementia
50 Years of Searching – Promising Treatment for Chagas Disease Discovered
NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Spots Foreign Object Debris on Mars
NASA Updates Crew Assignments for First Boeing Starliner Mission to Space Station
Startling – Lyme Disease Diagnoses Have Skyrocketed 357% in Rural Areas
Does Marijuana Make You Lazy? Scientists Find That Cannabis Users Are Just As Likely To Be Motivated
A Single Protein Could Reveal the Secrets of Age-Related Vision Loss
1,000,000 Times Thinner Than a Single Strand of Hair – Scientists Develop Leak-Free Nano-Pipes
Using Smartphones Can Help Improve Your Memory Skills
Hubble Space Telescope Detects Protective Shield Defending a Pair of Dwarf Galaxies
New Method Converts Greenhouse Gas Into Fuel
New Therapy Improves Cognition in Down Syndrome Patients
A Hidden Flaw – Unlocking Better Batteries for Electric Vehicles
Biologists Create a New Type of Human Cells
Expedition 68 Officially Begins on Space Station – SpaceX Crew Swap Planned
Poorly Defined Land Rights Increase Deforestation Rates
Scientists Successfully Measure an Exotic Bond for the First Time
High Blood Pressure May Accelerate the Aging of Your Bones
New NASA Weather Sensors Capture Vital Data on Hurricane Ian From Space Station
New data reveals severe impact of European contact with Pacific islands
How are birdsongs composed? Listening to the Australian pied butcherbird
Exploring Jupiter's moon, Europa, possible with silicon-germanium transistor technology
Evidence of social relationships between chimpanzees, gorillas
Webb, Hubble capture detailed views of DART impact
The road to future AI is paved with trust
When country ants go to town
SuperAger brains contain 'super neurons'
Molecular chaperones caught in flagrante
Don't crack: Deteriorating safety on frozen lakes in a warming world
Gut bacteria may contribute to susceptibility to HIV infection
Changes in marine ecosystems going undetected
The majority of reindeer grazing land is under cumulative pressures
Liking another group doesn't mean you dislike your own
Collective effort needed to help children thrive following exposure to online risks
Agricultural rewilding can help restore the environment and support production of high-welfare food, researchers say
Disarming the body's defenders
Process converts polyethylene bags, plastics to polymer building blocks
Exquisitely thin membranes can slash energy spent refining crude oil into fuel and plastic
'Mystery gene' matures the skeleton of the cell
PhysOrg news:
Gas flares vastly underperform, causing greater climate impact: study
Firefly Aerospace reaches orbit with new Alpha rocket
Powerful earthquake shakes Indonesia's Sumatra, kills 1
Nobel season is here: 5 things to know about the prizes
Glass beads in lunar soil reveal ancient asteroid bombardments on the moon and Earth
Fish fossil catch from China includes oldest teeth ever
A kung-fu kick led researchers to the world's oldest complete fish fossils. Here's what they found
Discovery of new microscopic species expands the tree of life
NASA eyes November for launch attempt of Moon rocket
What reptile's bones can teach us about Earth's perilous past
Most Twitter users don't follow political elites, researchers suggest
Bioeconomy and carbon neutrality: 'Without further investments we will miss the target'
Study shows behavioral, physiological changes in ants disturbed by development, urban sprawl
Research reveals quantitative and high-resolution pressure functions of pressure-sensitive material
Enhanced mantle cooling during late-neoproterozoic records onset of modern plate tectonics
Researchers unveil mystery inside lithium oxygen batteries
Machine learning may enable bioengineering of the most abundant enzyme on the planet
In Ian's wake, worried families crowdsource rescue efforts
Capturing extracellular vesicles: A new technology for isolating disease markers
'Extinct' wood-eating cockroach rediscovered after 80 years