The First X-Ray Taken of a Single Atom
US Announces $46 Million In Funds To Eight Nuclear Fusion Companies
New Report Says American Government Agencies Are Using Malware Similar To Banned Pegasus Spyware
Meta Threatens To Yank News Content From California Over Payments Bill
Wall Street Firms To Take On Binance, Coinbase, Other Crypto-Native Exchanges
Amazon To Pay $30 Million For Alexa, Ring Privacy Violations
Brave Releases Its Search API
Ransomware Attack On US Dental Insurance Giant Exposes Data of 9 Million Patients
Ubuntu Core as an immutable Linux Desktop base
Firefox Users on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 Moving To Extended Support Release
Popular Reddit App Apollo Would Need To Pay $20 Million Per Year Under New API Pricing
Millions of PC Motherboards Were Sold With a Firmware Backdoor
Apple Touts $1.1 Trillion in App Store Commerce in 2022
California Senate Passes 'Right to Repair Act'
The Original Chromecast Hits End of Life After a Decade of Service
Earth's Energy Budget is Not in Balance. Should We be Concerned?
US to Require All New Vehicles to Have Robust Automatic Emergency Braking
NZ: Airline Asks Passengers to Step on the Scale Ahead of Boarding in Weight Survey
CERN Spots Strange Higgs Boson Decay Behavior
SoylentNews IRC Back Up
Qualcomm Imagines Snapdragon Devices Sharing Workloads
Intentionally Blank
Understanding How Couples Integrate Finances
Nvidia is Now a $1 Trillion Company Thanks to the AI Boom
On Tech, the EU Doesn't Speak for Europe
Mars Helicopter Went Silent for Six Sols, Risked Rover
IRC Difficulties RESOLVED ***
Researchers Discover Brute-Force Attack that can Bypass Android Phone Fingerprint Locks
M.U.L.E. 40th Anniversary Special Posted on 2023/05/23 by Goethe
Japan Will try to Beam Solar Power from Space by 2025
Leaked Tesla Documents Hint at Cybertruck Problems
Multinational Man Hunt Underway for a 'Living Off the Land' Hacker Named Volt Typhoon
MediaTek Says its Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Rival will be a Beast
China Appeals to Japan to Halt Export Restrictions as Chip War Escalates
Mozilla Apologizes for Unskippable VPN Ads Shown in Firefox
Hacker News:
Lost John Coltrane recording, from experimental phase with Eric Dolphy, emerges
Notes apps are where ideas go to die (2022)
Slide to Unlock
More malicious extensions in Chrome Web Store
AI Horde’s AGPL3 hordelib receives DMCA take-down from hlky
DARPA hacked a science writer’s brain and turned her into a sharpshooter
OpenAPI v4 (aka Moonwalk) Proposal
FAA seeks public input on drone operations
A mystery person who spies on theme parks from the sky
Language Pragmatics Engineering
Iguana: fast SIMD-optimized decompression
Had a call with Reddit to discuss pricing
Ancient lead pollution in a Roman harbor (2017)
You can link an OpenPGP key to a German eID
Launch HN: Onu (YC W23) – Turn scripts into internal tools in minutes
1000W 12V –> 220V Inverter
The Obscuritory - Odd, lesser-known games and software
Project MF: A simulation of analog SF/MF telephone signaling
Rarbg Is No More
Japan’s government will not enforce copyrights on data used in AI training
Endolysins – A Solution to Antibiotic Resistance?
NASA Extends Roman Space Telescope Science Operations – Exploration of Dark Energy, Dark Matter and Exoplanets
Galactic Bubbles: Unexpected Complexity of the Milky Way’s Mysterious Structures
Revamping Energy Recovery: New Way To Efficiently Convert Waste Heat Into Electricity
Reclaiming Youth – How Scientists Are Getting Around Muscle Aging
Are “Forever Chemicals” Really Useful? New Research Questions Their Effectiveness
Final Act for NASA’s Kepler Planet Hunter: Unearthing a Triad of Alien Worlds
New Weapon Against Brain Cancer: Gene Engineered Cell Therapy’s Two-Pronged Assault on Metastatic Melanomas
Unlimited Resolution – Unprecedented Microscopy Technique Is a “True Game-Changer”
Scientists Discover Chinmo – “The Youth Gene”
3D Printing Paves Way for “Designer” Titanium Alloys
Iron Deficiency Could Be Making Your Mental Health Symptoms Worse
MIT and IBM Develop New Tool To Help Choose the Right Method for Evaluating AI Models
Meltdown: The Alarmingly Rapid Disappearance of Greenland’s Glaciers
A Deadly Craft: Unraveling the Dangerous Reality of Flintknapping for Early Humans
Mastering Uncertainty: An Effective Approach to Training Machines for Real-World Situations
Eavesdropping on E.T.: New Software for Hunting Technosignatures From Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Microsoft’s Quantum Breakthrough – Were They Wrong?
Tumor Avatars – A New Approach to Personalized Cancer Treatment
Botox Breakthrough – New Discovery Could Save Lives
A protein mines, sorts rare earths better than humans, paving way for green tech
First X-ray of a single atom
Phenomenal phytoplankton: Scientists uncover cellular process behind oxygen production
Can we learn to think further ahead?
Further link identified between autoimmunity and schizophrenia
NIRISS instrument on Webb maps an ultra-hot Jupiter's atmosphere
Tracking early signs of Alzheimer's pathology in a mouse model
Under pressure: Foundations of stellar physics and nuclear fusion investigated
Geneticists discover hidden 'whole genome duplication' that may explain why some species survived mass extinctions
Crossing the ring: New method enables C-H activation across saturated carbocycles
Study leads to milestone advances in understanding lethal bronzing of palm trees
Cutting breakfast carbs can benefit people with Type 2 diabetes
Protecting large ocean areas doesn't curb fishing catches
Ground beneath Thwaites Glacier mapped
Biological cleanup discovered for certain 'forever chemicals'
Four ways to advance equity and justice goals in climate action planning
Actively reducing noise by ionizing air
How the flu virus hacks our cells
Plants can distinguish when touch starts and stops, study suggests
Color-changing material shows when medications get too warm
PhysOrg news:
Biodegradable plastic from sugar cane also threatens the environment, finds new research
Warming climate could turn ocean plankton microbes into carbon emitters
Secret industry documents reveal that makers of PFAS 'forever chemicals' covered up their health dangers
Revealing the secrets of freshwater streams
New study quantifies the power of bipartisan coalitions
When the media believe that a firm is really green
When countries cut taxes for new ideas, capital investments rise
Study leads to milestone advances in understanding lethal bronzing of palm trees
Short-lived solutions for tall trees in Chile's megadrought
Countries tussle at 'rocky' global plastic talks
Once hostile, NASA holds first public meeting on UFOs
Firefighters in east Canada battle 'unprecedented' blazes
Triple-whammy of cyclones, a 1-in-200-year event, drove Italy's deadly flooding, scientists say
AI crop predictor aids Africa's crisis planning
Social networks key to water management and sanitation in the Pacific, says study
Improving precision of planning results in resilient forests
Research is the first to unlock the secret of microbial slime
Exploring how we've underestimated Earth's heat storage
Migratory bats tracked for the first time ever using new algorithm
Leveling up scanning electron microscope measurements for chip manufacturing