More Dogs In the Neighborhood Often Means Less Crime
Xbox 360 games Will No Longer Be Part of Xbox Games With Gold In October
Gtk 5 Might Drop X.11 Support, Says GNOME Dev
Broadest US Pirate Site Injunction Rewritten/Tamed By Cloudflare
Ubisoft To Shut Down Multiplayer For Older Games
PulseAudio and Systemd Creator, Lennart Poettering, Reportedly Leaves Red Hat
IDC: 'All Eyes Will Be On Apple' As Meta's VR Strategy 'Isn't Sustainable'
3-D Printing Grows Beyond Its Novelty Roots
Inside the Dying Art of Subtitling
'Sand Battery Could Solve Green Energy's Big Problem'
Fields Medals in Mathematics Won by Four Under Age 40
NIST Announces First Four Quantum-Resistant Cryptographic Algorithms
Why Britain's New Stamps Are Causing Outrage and Upset
FedEx To Close Data Centers, Retire All Mainframes By 2024, Saving $400 Million
HTC Quietly Announced a New Android Tablet, and Nobody Noticed
Amazon Cancels or Delays Plans for at Least 16 Warehouses This Year [* AC Friendly *]
Machine Learning Goes With the Flow
YouTube Removes Criticism of Dangerous Fractal Wood Burning Instructions but Leaves Lethal Tips [AC]
Give Up GitHub: The Time Has Come!
Board Game Developed by Scientists for Inspiring Students to Consider STEM Careers [* AC Friendly *]
Interviews on 25 Years Since the Filming of "Contact" [* AC Friendly *]
Turning Phones on Silent May Increase Phone Checking [* AC Friendly *]
Japanese Space Hamster Returns [* AC Friendly *]
U.S. May Lose Silicon Wafer Factory If Congress Can't Fund CHIPS Act [* AC Friendly *]
The Hawk Has Landed: Braking Mid-Air to Prioritize Safety Over Energy or Speed [* AC Friendly *]
A Ceramic Aerogel Made With Nanocrystals and Embedded in a Matrix for Use in Insulation Applications
Yes, Boeing’s Starliner Spacecraft Really Could Fly Astronauts This Year [* AC Friendly *]
Road Injuries Are Killing Young People, and It's Hardly Slowing Down
Humans Hear Much Better Underwater Than Previously Thought – at Times Better Than Seals
Climate Damage Caused by Growing Space Tourism Needs Urgent Mitigation [* AC Friendly *]
Anonymous Coward Access to the Front Page [* AC Friendly *]
Birds Warned of Food Shortages by Neighbor Birds Change Physiology and Behavior to Prepare
Toxicity in the Open-Source Community Varies From Other Internet Forums
Millennials About to Overtake Boomers as the Largest Generation
FCC Greenlights Starlink Service on Moving Cars, Boats, and Planes
Hacker News:
Bun: Fast JavaScript runtime, transpiler, and NPM client written in Zig
Running the Steam Deck’s OS in a virtual machine using QEMU
Unraveling the linothorax mystery, or how linen armor came to dominate our lives (2013)
Large Hadron Collider discovers three new exotic particles
Turkey Discovers 694M Mt of Rare Earth Element Reserves
NIST announces first PQC algoritms to be standardized
To improve search results on YouTube, use the search prefix “intitle:”
Memzoom – view/monitor the raw memory of processes/files in your UTF-8 terminal
Compound (YC S19) is hiring to build financial products for startup employees
Billion-record stolen Chinese database for sale on breach forum
The golden age of the aging actor
A working flight simulator, no computers necessary [video]
FedEx to close data centers, retire mainframes
Show HN: Credentials dumper for Linux using eBPF
OpenSSL Security Advisory [5 July 2022]
The Swerve
EU approves legislation to regulate Apple, Google, Meta, and other tech firms
Crypto’s Last Man Standing
Tao: A statically-typed functional language
The SQLite Index Suggester
How Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Can Help Treat Cancer and Save Thousands of Lives
Beautiful Cosmic Creature Accelerates Particles From Head
Not So Safe: Common Cancer Medications Increase the Risk of Serious Medical Issues
Scientists Have Created a Comfortable Vest That Will Fix Your Posture
7 Habits That Can Lower Your Risk of Dementia
Discovery With “Profound Implications” – Secret Carbon Decisions Plants Are Making About Our Future
A Potential Cure for AIDS: Defeating HIV With a Single Injection
Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Measuring War’s Effect on a Global Breadbasket
Intense Exercise Can Increase Your Risk of Catching Infectious Diseases Like COVID-19
Three New Exotic Particles Discovered With Large Hadron Collider
CAPSTONE Leaves Earth Orbit, Headed to the Moon
New Lithium-Ion Batteries That Work Well in Scorching Heat and Extreme Cold
Physicists Stunned by Nature in the Wrong Direction: Magnetic Spins That “Freeze” When Heated
Scientists Discover First Effective Drug Treatment Against Hepatitis A
Human Brains Are Hotter Than Previously Thought, Sometimes Exceeding 108°F
Significant Progress in NASA’s Lucy Spacecraft Solar Array Deployment Fix
Early Human Evolution: Hominin Fossils in “Cradle of Humankind” May Be a Million Years Older Than Thought
Smarter Than You Think: Scientists Find That Dogs Have Complex Mental Images of Familiar Things
What Scientists Just Discovered About Monkeypox Virus on Surfaces
An Avoidable Disaster: Experts Believe That Climate Change Threatens the Health of Billions
Inhalable COVID-19 vaccine shows promise in rodent model
Nervous system workings related to PTSD, other mental health disorders
Odd fish has adapted to Canada's deepest, coldest lakes
Most British COVID-19 mourners suffer PTSD symptoms, survey finds
Discovery could inspire new way to detect brain abnormalities
8000 kilometers per second: Star with the shortest orbital period around black hole discovered
How immune response triggered by COVID-19 may damage the brain
Study points to Armenian origins of ancient crop with aviation biofuel potential
COVID-19 virus spike protein flexibility improved by human cell's own modifications
Dominant omicron subvariants better at evading vaccines, antibody treatments
A rhythmic small intestinal microbiome prevents obesity and type 2 diabetes
Daily avocados improve diet quality, help lower cholesterol levels, study finds
In Krabbe disease, neurons may bring about their own destruction
Why it is so hard for humans to have a baby?
Bring back the wolves -- but not as heroes or villains
With changing climate, global lake evaporation loss larger than previously thought
Scientists look to the sky in effort to mitigate carbon problem
Robotic ammonites recreate ancient animals' movements
Scientists discover cancer trigger that could spur targeted drug therapies
Using big data to better understand cancerous mutations
PhysOrg news:
Shapeshifting microrobots can brush and floss teeth
Researchers uncover life's power generators in the Earth's oldest groundwaters
Scientists uncover novel aspects of HIV infection by monitoring sugars at the surface of individual immune cells
As 'Run 3' begins, CERN touts discovery of exotic particles
NASA: Contact lost with spacecraft on way to test moon orbit
Avian influenza: Past, present, future
Video: Why don't we have synthetic blood yet?
Arctic temperatures are increasing four times faster than global warming
In Sweden, municipal housing policy influences refugee reception
How well do prematurely-born children do in school?
Nano-rust: Smart additive for autonomous temperature control
Research team validates new method for assessing antimicrobial efficacy of domestic cleaning products
Why it is so hard for humans to have a baby?
US announces a stop to testing anti-satellite weapons
The solar system is stable for at least the next 100,000 years
First long-term evidence of microplastic pollution from deep water layers of the open ocean
Caught in the act: Key chemical intermediates in pollutant-to-fuel reaction identified
What causes compound wind and precipitation extremes across the Indo-Pacific?
Label-free and biocompatible on-chip magnetic separation enables efficient extraction of exosomes
Robotic ammonites recreate ancient animals' movements